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Hi guys .Firstly I would like to start with I’m really sorry that I don’t know how describe about myself plus it will be just a waste of my time to write longer sentences. I think it’s a better idea if you ask my buddies about me, because they really know me better then my self. Anyway, don’t forget to drop your comments down there. Thanks for spending your time reading my profile.

A Little bit About me,myself and Yoshiro ♥

My name is Mohd Syawal, People call me Syawal@Yoshiro. I ♥ Art in Photo and Video, Also in Music. Was Born in KL on 18 Jun 1987. Last child From 7 siblings. My education is PMR in High School. Diploma Computer Science in College. also SKM Tahap 2 in Computer Technician.
Dancing was my Hobby also when i get bored..ba hahaha ^peace ♥

Attract to digital music since 2003, listen to Benny bennasi, Dj tiesto, johan Gielen. 2004, listen to Ganjaguru, Yoji Biomehanika, 2005 listen to Dark By Design,Showtek, and now im listening more to influence like Kidd Kaos, Phil York . More sound influences HARD!
Learning Dj since 2008 until now and playing at my own Gig. My 1st own gig that i spin is HELLHOUSE.

Just make my own Mixtape called "Hell2House Mixtape"
i got 2 track mixed by me inside that. that mixtape have been SELL only RM35 and SOLD OUT for 50 pcs.

akhir kata.. kehkeh.. nak cari DJ contact2 lah k..

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